Dr. Fumimaro Takaku
(President of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences)
Dr. Masataka Koda
(Former Administrative Vice Minister, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
Dr. Satoru Todo
(Laboratory chief of St. Mary's Hospital)
Dr. Yozo Miyake
(President of Aichi Medical University)
Dr. Eriko Hayashi
(Sub Chief Director of Japanese Association for the Promotion of State of the Art in Medicine)

President / Chief Director

Dr. Shuji Hayashi
(Former Professor of Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya University)


Dr. Hisashi Iwata
(Chairman of Rheumatism and Joint Replacement Center, Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital)
Dr. Ryuzo Ueda
(Professor of Department of Tumour Immunology, Aichi Medical University)
Dr. Wang Huimin
(CEO of Edwards Lifesciences Corp.)
Dr. Kishio Ono
(Professor of International University of Health and Welfare Graduate School)
Mr. Katsuhiko Sakai
(Senior Advisor of The Chunichi Shimbun)
Dr. Atsushi Suzuki
(Professor of School of Medicine, Fujita Health University)
Dr. Riichi Takahashi
(Former President of Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
Dr. Shunkichi Baba
(Director of Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts)
Dr. Hiroaki Maruyama
(Representative Partner of Attax consulting Group, certified partner accountant, certified tax accountant)
Dr. Toshio Miyata
(Executive Director of Health and Global Policy Institute)
Dr. Li Xiaokang
(Head of National Center for Child Health and Development Laboratory)
Dr. Keiji Naurse
(Professor of Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama Unviersity)


Dr. Katsuya Toratani
(Certified tax accountant, Toratani Accounting Firm)

Chairman of The Association of Next-Generation Healthcare Industry Creation

Dr. Shigeo Asai
(Emeritus Professor of Nagoya University)


Dr. Shunzaburo Iwatsuki
(Ex-Professor of University of Pittsburgh)
Dr. Nobuo Kato
(Former president of Nagoya University)
Dr. Kee Pookong
(Professor of the University of Melbourne)
Dr. Hiroshi Komiyama
(Chairman of Mitsubishi Research Institute,Inc.)
Dr. Hidehiko Saito
(Honorary Director of National Hospital Organization Nagoya Medical Center)
Dr. Som-arch Wongkhomthong
(Director of Bangkok Hospital)
Dr. Toshiharu Nagatsu
(Visiting Professor of Fujita Health University)
Dr. Yoshitake Yokokura
(President of Japan Medical Association)
As of 31 Januray 2017